Captain America #1 sells for over $3 million at auction: why we collect, and how much it grew in value over the years

Captain America issue 1 cover
(Source: Marvel)

If we were to give this blog post a theme, or an attitude, it would simply be… ‘told you so.’

The recent sale of Captain America #1 is a testament to the power of collecting, the power of caring for your comics, and the power in understanding how a comic book’s value can drastically change.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting your collections valued or up for sale, let this be a reminder. It’s not too late to start collecting, start protecting or start shopping around for a buyer.

What’s so special about Captain America #1?

The 1940 comic features the first appearance of Captain America and his sidekick, Bucky.

The comic hit newsstands in December 1940, a full year before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that would thrust the United States into World War II, and features one of the comics medium’s most iconic covers: the hero punching Adolf Hitler.

How much did it sell for?

It sold for just over $3.1 million.

Is it the most valuable comic ever sold?

Cap comes close, but not close enough.

This issue of Captain America Comics #1 joins an exclusive pantheon of comics that have sold for prices worthy of Bruce Wayne’s bank account.

Slinging ahead of the $3.12 million that this issue fetched are just a few other monumental titles including: a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man) which sold for over $3.6 million; plus multiple copies of Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) which have sold for between $3.1 million and $3.2 million at auction.

A copy of Batman #1 also went for over $2.2 million in January 2021.

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