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it's ok even Reed Richards doesnt know everything

We are The Comic Marketplace, a completely safe way to buy and sell comics online, without being restricted by geography! We connect buyers and sellers around the world!

The POWThat! team will be in contact with you within 3 working days (this does not include Weekends and Public Holidays)

No, although all transactions on POWThat! are powered by Mangopay, you only require a Mangopay account if you are a seller on POWThat! You will be required to do this during the Vendor Onboarding process.

If you are a commercial seller you may want to consider using one of our monthly Subscription Plans which allows greater benefits and lower commissions! Click Here to view our plans.

No! POWThat! only charges a commission on sales, we don’t charge you anything to list an item! Click Here to view our Subscription Plans.

YES! The fee you pay to POWThat! also includes payment processing fees to Mangopay…… there’s no hidden extras!

There are various companies that can grade comics for you. POWThat! recommends CGC. Click Here to view their site.

POWThat! allows you to integrate and sync listings with your eBay store in real time. All current listings on Ebay can be imported directly into your POWThat! store.

Refer to our Buyer Protection Service Here

Through a listing click on the ‘Contact Seller’ button where you can message the seller with any question you have.

1. Any item, or part of any order can be returned if not as advertised. Our buyer protection service means the seller does not receive their money until you the buyer have received and approved your item.
2. If you are not happy with your purchase and feel it was not what was advertised in the first instance you must contact the seller.
3. You may then return the item at the sellers cost with the appropriate shipping method. For the first 14 days of your purchase, Your funds will stay in our buyer protection. You may contact the seller to let hem know you are returning the item. When the seller confirms receipt of the item your funds will be returned to your account.
1. The amount of time it takes for an item to arrive often depends on the postage method that you selected when you bought the item as well as were the item is being shipped from.
2. If the estimated delivery time for your item has passed you should first contact the seller.
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