How do I protect my comic books?

We know that comic books can be valuable. Whether you’re planning to sell or you want to keep your collection pristine for future generations, you owe your comics a duty of care. Protect them like the Avengers defend Earth. Hide them from damage the way Batman hides away his childhood trauma.

Somewhere out there, there’s probably someone who had a very valuable comic and they accidentally used it as a coaster one day. Or read it in the bath. Unfortunately, we don’t have the power to run around the world fast enough to turn back time. Fortunately, we do have these tips that will help keep your comics in a super condition.

How to store comic books

Bags for comic books  

Typically, bags that protect comics come in different types of clear plastic including polyethylene, polypropylene and mylar.

It may come down to preference and the cost, but it doesn’t really matter which you choose. The plastic will help protect your collection from light and air damage.

Comic book boards

Another tip when it comes to storing your comics is investing in some boards.

These boards – usually cardboard if you’re looking to keep costs low – are used as backing in bags to keep comics from creasing.

Look for acid-free to avoid damaging the pages or colouring of your comic books.

Comic storage boxes

Most collectors keep their comic books in cardboard collector’s boxes.

These boxes are made so comic books – which might be wrapped in a clear bag and kept supported by a board – can be placed standing upright.

comic books in storage boxes
(Picture: Reddit)

 If you’re willing to spend extra money, there are also soft plastic boxes, which are more durable and could be a better alternative if you’re storing your comics somewhere where there could be moisture in the air or the potential for leaks or flooding.

What not to do when storing your comics

We’ve covered some of the tips and tricks that you can do, but what about the things you should absolutely not do?

  • Don’t stack them on top of each other. The reason why you should invest in a storage box to keep them upright instead of piled on top of each is the weight of the pile will impact the comics at the bottom, causing them to bend.
  • Don’t keep your collections on the floor – even if they’re bagged and boxed. Spills, accidents, leaks and burst pipes (if it’s in the garage) could quickly take out your entire collection. Where possible, put your storage boxes on a unit or a shelf. 
  • Don’t read your comics in the bath. Look, we all love comics. We all love a relaxing bath. But unless you’re prepared to have an issue ruined with smudged ink, water spots and crinkled pages, read it afterwards.
  • Don’t let kids read them unsupervised. Every child might want to read about Spiderman or Batman, but they’re not known for being delicate. Sticky hands and ripped pages could cost you in the long run.
  • Don’t smoke around comics – smoke can yellow the pages of books and comics. Also you risk a burn ruining the condition.
  • Don’t roll them up – it shouldn’t have to be said, but whether it’s to swat a fly or roll it up and put it in your back pocket like the cool kids of the 80s used to, this will significantly damage your pages.

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your comics in mint condition? Share below!

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