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Blackest Night #7 (2010)


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series name Blackest Night
issue number 7
variant Ivan Reis / Oclair Albert Cover
publication date April 2010
indicia publisher DC Comics
parent publisher DC
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age US
binding Saddle-stitched
page count 44.000
issue count 8
publishing format 8-Issue Limited Series
publication type magazine
story DC Nation [205]: Greetings, DC Nation!
story First Wave Special Sneak Preview
story The Burned in Thoughts of William Hand: Chapter 1, Verse 6
story Blackest Night [Part 7]
pencils J. G. Jones
pencils Rags Morales
pencils Ivan Reis
pencils Ivan Reis (signed)
inks J. G. Jones
inks Rags Morales
inks Oclair Albert
inks Joe Prado
inks Oclair Albert (signed)
colors J. G. Jones
colors Alex Sinclair
colors Alex Sinclair [as Sinc] (signed)
letters typeset
letters Clem Robins
letters Steve Wands (designer)
letters Nick J. Napolitano
characters Green Lantern
characters Hal Jordan
characters Red Lantern
characters Atrocitus
characters Agent Orange
characters Larfleeze
characters Mongul
characters Ganthet
characters Indigo-1
characters Doc Savage
characters Clark Savage, Jr.
characters Monk
characters Ham
characters Renny
characters Spirit
characters Denny Colt
characters Commissioner Eustace Dolan
characters William Hand
characters Travis Truman
characters Paul Faberman
characters Lex Luthor
characters Alpha-Lantern
characters Boodikka
characters Dove
characters Dawn Granger
characters Guardians of the Universe
characters Blue Lantern Corps
characters Blue Lantern
characters Brother Warth
characters Brother Hynn
characters Flash
characters Barry Allen
characters Saint Walker
characters Bro’Dee Walker
characters Sister Sercy
characters Sayd
characters Green Lantern Corps
characters Arisia Rrab
characters Graf Toren
characters Guy Gardner
characters Hannu
characters John Stewart
characters Kilowog
characters Kyle Rayner
characters Morro
characters Princess Iolande
characters Soranik Natu
characters Stel
characters Tomar-Tu
characters Indigo Tribe
characters Atom
characters Ray Palmer
characters Munk
characters Red Lantern Corps
characters Bleez
characters Dex-Starr
characters Fury-6
characters Haggor
characters Mera
characters Ratchet
characters Skallox
characters Zilius Zox
characters Sinestro Corps
characters Bedovian
characters Bur’Gunza
characters Karu-Sil
characters Kryb
characters Low
characters Murr the Melting Man
characters Romat-Ru
characters Sinestro
characters also as White Lantern
characters Scarecrow
characters Jonathan Crane
characters Slushh
characters Tekik
characters Tri-Eye
characters Star Sapphire
characters Carol Ferris
characters Dela Pharon
characters Yrra Cynril
characters Fatality
characters Miri Riam
characters Miss Bloss
characters Queen Aga’po
characters Race
characters Wonder Woman
characters Diana Prince
characters Titans
characters Cyborg
characters Victor Stone
characters Starfire
characters Koriand’r
characters The Entity
characters Nekron
characters Black Lantern Corps
characters Black Lantern
characters Air Wave
characters Larry Jordan
characters Black Hand
characters Firestorm
characters Ronnie Raymond
characters Jason Rusch
characters Green Arrow
characters Oliver Queen
characters Hawkgirl
characters Kendra Saunders
characters Hawkman
characters Carter Hall
characters Martian Manhunter
characters J’onn J’onzz
characters Superboy
characters Conner Kent
characters Kon-El
genre adventure
genre superhero
genre Superhero


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Blackest Night #7 (2010)


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