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Crisis On Infinite Earths #8 (Facsimile Edition)


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series name Crisis on Infinite Earths
issue number 8
variant Direct
publication date November 1985
indicia publisher DC Comics Inc.
parent publisher DC
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age U. S.
binding Saddle-stitched
page count 36.000
issue count 12
publishing format Limited Series
publication type magazine
story The Final Fate of the Flash
story A Flash of the Lightning!
story Get in on the Action with Power Action!
story DC Puts Dollars in Your Pocket!
story Write Right Now!
story Glow in the Dark Posters
story Starfire Is Getting Married…
story On Videocassette
story Bonkers! Fruit Candy Bonks You out of This World with a Robot-Watch.
story The A-Maze-Ing Oreo! Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
story Fans Choose DC Comics!
pencils George Pérez (signed)
pencils George Pérez (credited)
pencils ?
pencils ? (photo)
pencils José Luis Garcia Lopez
inks George Pérez (signed)
inks Jerry Ordway (credited)
inks ?
inks ? (photo)
colors Anthony Tollin
colors Tony Tollin [as Anthony Tolin] (credited)
colors ?
colors ? (photo)
letters Todd Klein
letters John Costanza (credited)
letters typeset
characters Flash
characters Barry Allen
characters Psycho-Pirate
characters Roger Hayden
characters Anti-Monitor
characters Green Lantern Corps
characters Green Lantern
characters Arisia
characters Katma Tui
characters Tomar-Re
characters John Stewart
characters Legion of Super-Heroes
characters Blok
characters White Witch
characters Ultra Boy
characters Jo Nah
characters Phantom Girl
characters Tinya Wazzo
characters Dawnstar
characters Wildfire
characters Lightning Lad
characters Garth Ranzz
characters Saturn Girl
characters Imra Ardeen
characters Shrinking Violet
characters Salu Digby
characters Brainiac 5
characters Querl Dox
characters Lightning Lass
characters Element Lad
characters Jan Arrah
characters Sun Boy
characters Mon-El
characters Lar Gand
characters Shadow Lass
characters Tasmia Mallor
characters Chameleon Boy
characters Reep Daggle
characters Colossal Boy
characters Gim Allon
characters Star Boy
characters Thom Kallor
characters Dream Girl
characters Nura Nal
characters Proty
characters Omega Men
characters Zirral
characters Shlagen
characters Rynoc
characters Doc
characters Challengers of the Unknown
characters Rocky Davis
characters Red Ryan
characters June Robbins
characters Prof. Haley
characters Ace Morgan
characters Justice League of America
characters Firestorm
characters Vixen
characters Martian Manhunter
characters J’onn J’onzz
characters Red Tornado
characters Atom
characters Ray Palmer
characters Batman
characters New Teen Titans
characters Cyborg
characters Victor Stone
characters Kid Flash
characters Wally West
characters Guardians of the Universe
characters Firehawk
characters Blue Devil
characters Dan Cassidy
characters Darkseid
characters Desaad
characters T. O. Morrow
characters Thunderers of Qward
characters Joker
characters The Spectre
characters Jim Corrigan
characters Superman
characters Lex Luthor
characters Hawkman
characters The Joker
characters Wonder Woman
characters Aquaman
characters The Penguin
characters The Flash
characters Brainiac
characters Hal Jordan
characters Robin
characters Bill Cosby
characters Starfire
characters Nightwing
characters Dick Giordano
characters Ambush Bug
characters Swamp Thing
characters Teen Titans
genre superhero


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Crisis On Infinite Earths #8 (Facsimile Edition)
Crisis On Infinite Earths #8 (Facsimile Edition)


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