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Crisis On Infinite Earths: Giant #1


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series name Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant
issue number 1
variant Mass Market Edition
publication date [December] 2019
indicia publisher DC Comics
parent publisher DC
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age U.S.
binding Squarebound
page count 100.000
issue count 2
publishing format Limited Series
publication type magazine
story Beyond the Silent Night
story The Summoning!
story Infinite Luthor
story Crisis on Infinite Earths
pencils various
inks various
colors various
letters typeset
characters Joker
characters Lady Quark
characters Pariah
characters Alexander Luthor Jr.
characters Freedom Fighters
characters Uncle Sam
characters The Ray
characters Captain Marvel
characters Billy Batson
characters Justice League of America
characters Wonder Woman
characters Martian Manhunter
characters J’onn J’onzz
characters Superman
characters Batman
characters Firestorm
characters Cyborg
characters Victor Stone
characters Justice Society of America
characters Green Lantern
characters Alan Scott
characters Power Girl
characters Kara Zor-L
characters Kal-L
characters Legion of Super-Heroes
characters Mon-El
characters Lar Gand
characters Wildfire
characters Brainiac 5
characters Metamorpho
characters Rex Mason
characters Infinity Inc.
characters Jade
characters Star-Spangled Kid
characters Supergirl
characters Blue Beetle
characters Ted Kord
characters Dr. Light
characters Kimiyo Hoshi
characters Captain Atom
characters Jimmy Olsen
characters Perry White
characters Lana Lang
characters Lois Lane
characters Batgirl
characters Barbara Gordon
characters Anti-Monitor
characters Psycho-Pirate
characters Roger Hayden
characters The Crime Syndicate
characters Ultraman
characters Power Ring
characters Owlman
characters Johnny Quick
characters Superwoman
characters Alexander Luthor
characters Lois Lane Luthor
characters Alexander Luthor, Jr.
characters Harbinger
characters Lyla Michaels
characters The Monitor
characters King Solovar
characters Koris
characters Dawnstar
characters Firebrand
characters Danette Reilly
characters Cara
characters Detective Karp
characters Jersey
characters Arion
characters Ronnie Raymond
characters Professor Martin Stein
characters Killer Frost
characters Louise Lincoln
characters Geo-Force
characters Brion Markov
characters Obsidian
characters Todd Rice
characters Dr. Polaris
characters Neal Emerson
characters Psimon
characters Simon Jones
characters John Stewart
characters Lex Luthor
characters Don
characters Lyla Michaels Diggle
characters Earth-38
characters other versions of Luthor from across the Multiverse
characters other versions of Superman from across the Multiverse
characters Nash Wells
characters Bethany Snow
characters Justice League
characters Aquaman
characters Flash
characters Felicity Smoak Queen
characters Black Condor
characters Doll Man
characters Phantom Lady
characters Ray Terril
characters Red Tornado
characters White Canary
characters Sarah Lance
characters Barry Allen
characters Batwoman
characters Kate Kane
characters Kid Flash
characters Wally West
characters Atom
characters Ray Palmer
characters Mar Novu
characters Leonard
characters Nyssa Al Ghul
characters The Anti-Monitor
characters Outkast
characters Justice Alliance
characters Tanaka Rei
characters Blackhawk
characters Elongated Man
characters Deadman
characters Spectre
characters Jim Corrigan
characters Rocky Davis
characters Ragman
characters Amethyst
characters Phantom Stranger
characters Zatanna
characters Dolphin
characters Atomic Knight
characters Kole
characters Mister Miracle
characters Warlord
characters Invisible Kid
characters Jacques Foccart
characters Cinnamon
characters Plastic Man
characters Big Bear
characters Shade the Changing Man
characters Lori Lemaris
characters Jemm, Son of Saturn
characters Changeling
characters Gar Logan
characters Tarantula
characters OMAC
characters Robin
characters Jason Todd
characters Creeper
characters Hawkman
characters Carter Hall
characters Sgt. Rock
characters Proty
characters Huntress
characters Helena Wayne
characters Jonni Thunder
characters The Question
characters Colossal Boy
characters Tomahawk
characters Kamandi
characters Swamp Thing
characters Nightwing
characters Dick Grayson
characters Starfire
characters Koriand’r
characters Broot
characters Fury
characters Vigilante
characters Adrian Chase
characters Gypsy
characters Nuklon
characters Jonah Hex
characters Blue Devil
characters Adam Strange
characters Gold
characters Dr. Fate
genre superhero


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Crisis On Infinite Earths: Giant #1
Crisis On Infinite Earths: Giant #1


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