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Dollar Comics: Blackest Night #1


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series name Blackest Night
issue number 1
variant Ivan Reis / Oclair Albert Cover
publication date September 2009
indicia publisher DC Comics
parent publisher DC
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age US
binding Saddle-stitched
page count 52.000
issue count 8
publishing format 8-Issue Limited Series
publication type magazine
story Blackest Night [Part 1]
story DC Nation [174]: San Diego Comic Con International
pencils Ivan Reis (signed)
inks Oclair Albert (signed)
colors Alex Sinclair
letters Nick J. Napolitano
letters typeset
characters Alpha-Lantern
characters Boodikka
characters Atom
characters Ray Palmer
characters Black Canary
characters Dinah Lance
characters Blue Lantern Corps
characters Blue Lantern
characters Brother Warth
characters Saint Walker
characters Bro’Dee Walker
characters Sister Sercy
characters Booster Gold
characters Michael Jon Carter
characters Fire
characters Beatriz Da Costa
characters Jason Rusch
characters Firestorm
characters Flash
characters Barry Allen
characters Freedom Fighters
characters Ray
characters Ray Terrill
characters Uncle Sam
characters Green Lantern Corps
characters Green Lantern
characters Abin Sur
characters Brik
characters Graf Toren
characters Guy Gardner
characters Hal Jordan
characters Hannu
characters John Stewart
characters Kyle Rayner
characters Kilowog
characters Morro
characters Salaak
characters Tomar-Tu
characters Guardians of the Universe
characters Ganthet
characters Sayd
characters Ice
characters Tora Olafsdotter
characters Justice Soceity of America
characters JSA
characters Atom Smasher
characters Albert Rothstein
characters Citizen Steel
characters Nathan Heywood
characters Cyclone
characters Maxine Hunkel
characters Damage
characters Grant Emerson
characters Dr. Mid-Nite
characters Pieter Cross
characters Jay Garrick
characters Alan Scott
characters Hourman
characters Rick Tyler
characters Jakeem Thunder
characters Jakeem Williams
characters Liberty Belle
characters Jesse Chambers
characters Lightning
characters Jennifer Pierce
characters Magog
characters David Reid
characters Mr. Terrific
characters Michael Holt
characters Obsidian
characters Todd Rice
characters Power Girl
characters Stargirl
characters Courtney Whitmore
characters Starman
characters Thom Kallor
characters Thunderbolt
characters Wildcat
characters Ted Grant
characters Tommy Bronson
characters Kid Flash
characters Bart Allen
characters Mera
characters Plastic Man
characters Eel O’Brian
characters Steel
characters John Henry Irons
characters S.T.R.I.P.E.
characters Pat Dugan
characters Conner Kent
characters Superboy
characters Kon-El
characters Clark Kent
characters Superman
characters Kal-El
characters Tempest
characters Garth
characters Wonder Girl
characters Cassie Sandsmark
characters Gehenna
characters Ma Hunkel
characters Jim Jordan
characters Susan Jordan
characters Howard Jordan
characters Jane Jordan
characters Martha Kent
characters Alfred Pennyworth
characters Professor Martin Stein
characters Black Lantern Corps
characters Black Lantern
characters Aquaman
characters Arthur Curry
characters Orin
characters Al Pratt
characters Black Condor
characters Ryan Kendall
characters Black Hand
characters William Hand
characters Captain Boomerang
characters Digger
characters George Harkness
characters Elongated Man
characters Ralph Dibny
characters Ronnie Raymond
characters Golden Glider
characters Lisa Snart
characters Bzzd
characters Ch’p
characters Galius Zed
characters Jack T. Chance
characters Katma Tui
characters Ke’Haan
characters Hawkgirl
characters Kendra Saunders
characters Hawkman
characters Carter Hall
characters Human Bomb
characters Roy Lincoln
characters Jade
characters Jennie-Lynn Hayden
characters Martian Manhunter
characters J’onn J’onzz
characters Phantom Lady
characters Dee Tyler
characters Sue Dibny
characters Top
characters Roscoe Dillon
characters Star Sapphire
characters Carol Ferris
characters Yrra Cynril
characters Fatality
characters Captain Boomerang, Jr.
characters Owen Mercer
characters Captain Cold
characters Leonard Snart
characters Heat Wave
characters Mick Rory
characters Mirror Master
characters Evan McCulloch
characters Weather Wizard
characters Mark Mardon
characters Trickster
characters Axel Walker
characters Sinestro Corps
characters Mongul
characters Romat-Ru
characters Red Lantern Corps
characters Scar
genre superhero


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Dollar Comics: Blackest Night #1
Dollar Comics: Blackest Night #1


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