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Harley Quinn #67 (YOTV Acetate Cover)


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series name Harley Quinn
issue number 67
publication date January 2020
indicia publisher DC Comics
parent publisher DC
color Color
dimensions Standard Modern Age US
binding Saddle-stitched
page count 40.000
issue count 75
publishing format was ongoing series
publication type magazine
story Graphitti Designs’ Gallery Editions
story A DC Nation Interview with Geoff Johns and Gary Franks
story Svengoolie Meets the DC Universe
story Far Sector
story Batman Damned
story Naomi: Season One
story Legion of Super-Heroes
story Tales From the Dark Multiverse
story Crisis Killer
story Harley-er Quinn
letters typeset
characters Batman
characters Robin
characters Svengoolie
characters Wonder Woman
characters Joker
characters Green Lantern
characters Sojourner Mullein
characters Naomi McDuffie
characters Legion of Super-Heroes
characters Superboy
characters Jon Kent
characters White Witch
characters Triplicate Girl
characters Shadow Lass
characters Cosmic Boy
characters Lightning Lad
characters Timber Wolf
characters Sun Boy
characters Chameleon Boy
characters Doctor Fate
characters Light Lass
characters Karate Kid
characters Brainiac 5
characters Wildfire
characters Colossal Boy
characters Monster Boy
characters Shrinking Violet
characters Gold Lantern
characters Element Lad
characters Dream Girl
characters Phantom Girl
characters unnamed female Legionnaire in body suit
characters Princess Projectra
characters Mon-El
characters Saturn Girl
characters Star Boy
characters Ultra Boy
characters Dawnstar
characters Blok
characters Matter-Eater Lad
characters Bouncing Boy
characters Saint Batman
characters Dick Grayson
characters Batgirl
characters Barbara Gordon
characters Clayface
characters Bruce Wayne
characters Harley Quinn
characters Harleen Quinzel
characters Nick Quinzel
characters Booster Gold
characters Superman
characters Clark Kent
characters Hal Jordan
characters Diana of Themyscira
characters The Flash
characters Barry Allen
characters Supergirl
characters Kara Zor-El
characters Barry Quinzel
characters Alexander Luthor
characters Ezzie Quinzel
characters Frankie Quinzel
characters Doctor Light
characters Kimiyo Hoshi
characters Meredith Clatterbuck
characters Jonni DC
characters Weiss Schnee
characters Blake Belladonna
characters Ruby Rose
characters Yang Xiao Long
genre superhero


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Harley Quinn #67 (YOTV Acetate Cover)
Harley Quinn #67 (YOTV Acetate Cover)


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