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Inferior Five #4 of 12


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series name The Inferior Five
issue number 4
publication date September-October 1967
indicia publisher National Periodical Publications, Inc.
parent publisher DC
color color
dimensions standard Silver Age US
binding saddle-stitched
page count 36.000
issue count 10
publishing format was ongoing series
publication type magazine
story Valhallaballoo!
story Part II: This Is Bound to Make Someone Thor!
story Another Adventure of Major Matt Mason Mattel’s Man in Space
story Part III: Looky, Looky — Loki!
story Coin Collector Specials!
story Boys, Girls, Men, Women
story Famous Name Prizes or Cash… from Olympic
story How to Do Strong Man Tricks… Without Strength!
story Boys, Men, Build, Develop Mighty Muscles
story Treasure Chest of Fun
pencils Mike Sekowsky
pencils Henry Boltinoff (signed)
pencils Neal Adams (illustrations)
pencils ? (photo)
pencils Neal Adams (illustration)
pencils Kurt Schaffenberger (illustration)
pencils Bob Oksner (illustration)
inks Mike Esposito
inks Henry Boltinoff (signed)
inks Neal Adams (illustration)
inks ? (photo)
inks Kurt Schaffenberger (illustration)
inks Mike Esposito (illustration)
letters Ira Schnapp
letters Henry Boltinoff (signed)
letters Typeset
letters ?
letters typeset
characters Thor
characters Inferior Five
characters Merryman
characters Myron Victor
characters Awkwardman
characters Leander Brent
characters The Blimp
characters Herman Cramer
characters White Feather
characters William King
characters Dumb Bunny
characters Athena Tremor
characters Odin
characters Beowulf
characters Nyal
characters Sigmund
characters Sigurd Fafnirsirsbane
characters Hamlet
characters Hrist
characters Mist
characters Skogull
characters Hild
characters Goll
characters Brynhild
characters Heimdall
characters Freyja
characters Fryja
characters Bragi
characters Njord
characters Freyr
characters Sleipner
characters Tyr
characters Sif
characters Major Matt Mason
characters Mimir
characters Siegfried
characters Atli
characters Volsung
characters Loki
characters Fenfir De Wolf
characters Garm
characters Surt
characters Jormungand
characters Gemini Astronaut
characters Abraham Lincoln
characters Customers
characters Bob Hope
characters Body builders
characters Jerry Lewis
characters Renfrew
characters Uncle Hal
characters Zania
characters campers
characters Superman
characters Lois Lane
characters Binky
characters pretty girls
genre satire-parody
genre superhero
genre science fiction


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Inferior Five #4 of 12


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