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Marvel Tales: Thor #1


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series name Marvel Tales: Thor
issue number 1
variant Jen Bartel Cover
publication date 2019
indicia publisher Marvel Worldwide, Inc.
parent publisher Marvel
color color
dimensions standard Modern Age U.S.
binding saddle-stitched
page count 84.000
issue count 1
publishing format one-shot
publication type magazine
story Doom!
story Come on in, the Revolution’s Fine
story A Thor Bonus Feature
story When Titans Clash!
story Clash of Titans!
story Trapped by Loki, the God of Mischief!
story Loki, the God of Mischief!!
letters typeset
characters Thor Odinson
characters Surtur
characters Thor
characters Nick Fury
characters S.H.I.E.L.D.
characters Jasper Sitwell
characters Sif
characters Heimdall
characters Balder
characters Volstagg
characters Loki
characters Lorelei
characters Beta Ray Bill
characters Odin
characters The Lady Liberators
characters the Black Widow
characters Natasha Romanoff
characters Medusa
characters the Enchantress
characters the Scarlet Witch
characters Wanda Maximoff
characters the Wasp
characters Janet Van Dyne-Pym
characters the Avengers
characters the Black Panther
characters T’Challa
characters Goliath
characters Clint Barton
characters Quicksilver
characters Pietro Maximoff
characters the Vision
characters the Masters of Evil
characters Ulysses Klaw
characters the Melter
characters Bruno Horgan
characters the Radioactive Man
characters Chen Lu
characters the Whirlwind
characters David Cannon
characters Doctor T. W. Erwin
characters Tom Fagan
characters Roy Thomas
characters Jean Thomas
characters the Executioner
characters Yellow Jacket
characters The Avengers
characters the Valkyrie
characters Hercules
characters Zeus
characters Storm Giants
characters Radioactive Man
characters duplicate Thor
characters Lava Man
characters Jane Foster
characters Tyr
genre fantasy
genre superhero


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Marvel Tales: Thor #1


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